Digitize me – RESPECT

“What you want. Baby I got.  What you need, do you know I got it?  All I’m askin’, is for a little respect” Otis Redding

I had a great recommendation this week from Ryan Garner (who has a great blog Fast Forward) about a really exciting development in the world of PIMS; and that is the launch of The Respect Network.  This is the worlds first global network of personal and business clouds with a mission to enable members anywhere in the world to share their personal information over trusted private connections just as easily as they do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

So I signed up today and just like other PIMS I have joined it takes some time in reading to really understand what the service is and how this is going to work.  Hopefully my summary below will save you some time in understanding what services they have to offer.

1 – I get a cloud name.  This is my own personalized digital address and as the network grows my cloud name should connect me to other apps and services

2 – There is no ambiguity over who controls my data – I do!

3 – It is a place I can manage connections,relationships and communications

4 – It will be easy for me to sign up to apps and websites – just like I use my Facebook login to sign up to candy crush (oh the shame) I can use my ‘Respect’ login

5 – It will be my platform for other applications (coming soon)- accessible from all my devices

6 – I gain privacy – by clicking the Respect button on a website I will forming a private connection with no one tracking my actions

There was a small fee of $25 but this buys me a lifetime membership.  The sign up was easy too, more so than other PIMS I have joined and although the respect button isn’t yet available or the promised apps I am tremendously hopeful about this launch.  I think it has the potential to revolutionise how we conduct ourselves digitally.  What do you think?  Are any of you persuaded to try?





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