The Economy of One

Intention EconomyRead ‘The Intention Economy” by Doc Searles,  it inspires hope for customers in the not so distant future.  As marketing and research departments look to big data to predict how we want to spend our hard earned cash, we are looking to get personal.  Personal in a way that we the individual can set the terms, and just advertise for what we want.

Think of yourself as a business that puts out a request for a product or service and sellers respond or compete for your custom.  Let me put it more simply.  Imagine I am planning a vacation; one week in August with three of my best girl mates; destination-beach, and hotel with a spa, all for a reasonable budget .  Forget browsing for full package holidays, car rental, flights, comparison websites, travel agents etc. all I want to do is advertise and let the sellers come to me with an array of options – I pick the best one.  Job done!

I have only just started ‘The Intention Economy’ but I am already inspired by this revolution that is made possible by managing our data.  If we are kitted-out with all our data we can dictate a lot more than we realise, getting to grips with our information allows us to

– Make better choices

– Express demand

– Set preferences

– Offer payment terms

– Define the relationship with the seller

“Over the coming years, customers will be emancipated from systems built to control them.  They will become free and independent actors in the marketplace, equipped to tell the vendors what they want, how they want it, where, and when – even how much they would like to pay” Doc Searls

I am really looking forward to reading all the other possibilities, using our data as the tool, I also look forward to sharing more with you!

Let me know if you pick up this book and what your thoughts are, I really want to know if this is something that you the customer would like to realise

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