Don’t get caught with your knickers down

For those of you who haven’t heard this story (and I can’t imagine how you would  have missed it), poor Jennifer Lawrence unfortunately was literally caught with her knickers down.  Her iCloud was hacked and some very naughty and very naked pictures went viral!  It wasn’t just Jennifer but over one hundred other celebrities; a bug was found in the security and all their personal information including videos and images were accessible.

It highlights why you should care about your personal information and take some control because in the race for convenience and ease of use we have forgotten about our privacy and making sure it is secure.

We can’t always avoid being cyberpunked but there are some basic questions you should be asking your cloud provider and I came across this helpful guest blog post on  by Mike McAlpen who is the Executive Director of Security and Compliance and Data Privacy at 8×8 Solutions.  In summary:-

5 Questions to ask your cloud provider

1 – Are they compliant with EU/EEA/US standards?

2 – Will they forward or share your information with third parties?

3 – Do they have the capability to encrypt sensitive data when it is being transferred across the Internet and importantly again when it is ‘at rest’?

4 – Does the provider allow you to access, edit or delete your information?

5 – Do they have Service Level Agreements within your contract?  As the article says, there is no point have a privacy contract with a supplier if there is no penalty when they fail to deliver!

If you have further checks for information security please add a comment.

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