This is me



I have been working in digital data collection for over 15 years and have a passion to build;  be it smart teams that can scale or elegant solutions to complex problems.  I like to think my reputation is to be solutions driven, process savvy and most of all adaptable. My big learning from my time in data collection is that the ‘customer is king’ and by this I mean the people who have agreed to give their opinions and permission to track their behaviour.  I believe there is still much more for them to gain from their sharing of information

I have a degree in sociology and criminology which sparked my interest in individual and group behaviours, I read and attend lectures particularly around leadership and group dynamics

Yes I am self-celebrating crazy cat lady, whose obsession yielded a quasi-finished cat website called Katnapp!  And while my English accent may be disappearing I am a true English girl with Marmite & Butter sandwiches a must.  I have recently introduced controversy into my life, with the addition of a chihuahua/yorkie mix called Pepsi.  Pepsi is a real mummy’s boy and enjoys his own version of beans on toast for dinner, but only if he’s a GOOD BOY!  Luckily my two cats Leonard and Josephine have been very patient and accepted this beautiful little rat into their lives.

IMG_0026photo 2

The most important thing to me is my family, and the hardest thing for me moving to Toronto was not being near my family. They are slightly bonkers but the people I love to hang out with the most.


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    1. Ha, Johnny I still love Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. so no I won’t becoming a data vigilante. “Stat Woman”???? Really! Good for this chap though – those calls really are annoying 🙂

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