Data Privacy Laws

Clash of the Privacy Philosophies



I have just read a fantastic article in the New York Times. I haven’t seen the differing philosophies around privacy articulated better.  Max Schrems has done a wonderful by making this intangible, inanimate issue animated!

‘Where consumers are asked to read and agree to a company’s terms of service and decide what’s best for themselves. Max Schrems explains that “We only do this in the privacy field — dump all the responsibility on the user,” he also points out that consumers are not expected to make decisions about other complex issues, like food or building safety. “In a civilized society,” he said, “you expect that if you walk into a building it’s not going to collapse on your head.” Max Schrems’



Attention! Canada has new anti-spamming law



 Effective today Canada has a new anti spamming law.  CTRC has some great guidelines for you if you want more detail but here are the highlights!

  1. Rules are defined under the Canadian Anti Spam Law (CASL)
  2. Businesses must receive an ‘opt-in’ or implied consent to send commercial electronic messages.
  3. Emails and some social media messages are included under this law
  4. Pre-checked boxes will not be accepted as an ‘opt-in’
  5. All marketing messages will need to identify the sender, their contact details and an unsubscribe button
  6. Any business that does not comply could be at risk of criminal and civil charges as well as personal liability for company officers and directors.
  7. Penalties can be up to $10 million