Professor Clive Norris

5 reasons to care about your personal information – Tuesday #2

“You have to learn the rules of the game.  And then you have to play better than anyone else”  Albert Einstein


We don’t have enough knowledge around the trade of data to make an informed decision…  Personal information is a constantly evolving notion with the conversation ever-changing, just consider the change since Snowden’s revelations around US and British Intelligence surveillance of our internet and phone usage.   We’re quick to assume Government is the only powerhouse associated with access and collecting information. Corporate organizations need to harvest and store this information as well to ensure the most insight into us – the consumer.

Read this article published by CBR, they found that 4 in 10 organisations obstruct access to our own data when customers or citizens seek access and clarification on what these organisations know about them.

The article includes and excellent summary from Professor Clive Norris,  who summarised  “We part with our personal data on a daily basis, creating vast and invisible reservoirs of actionable personal information. We do this actively and passively, and our experience of the world is reshaped in ways that we don’t appreciate. We are selectively marketed to, our locations are tracked by CCTV and automated licence plate recognition systems and our online behaviour is monitored, analysed, stored and used. The challenge for all of us is that our information is often kept from us, despite the law and despite our best efforts to access it.”

Do you agree or do you think this is paranoia?