About this blog

There are a lot of researchers and academics out there talking about personal information and data privacy but I rarely hear my friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances or strangers talking about it.  For all the changes and issues this is just not something that occurs to every day folk; and while I am passionate about the subject I do appreciate that it is quite a confusing and very un-sexy topic

I do think it is worth talking about though, and really it has to be from a consumer’s point of view – why is this important?  how does it impact us?  why are we giving it away?  who has access to it?  I am also interested in the reality of what we are getting in return, I am yet to appreciate the promise of targeted or useful advertising; and where it speeds things up in one place (like online payments) it slows us down in others (at the check out where we are asked for email addresses and phone numbers)

This is a blog for me to highlight my personal observations and try to learn more about ways I can take more control of my data.





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